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Aloha and welcome to my tattoo page...
I decided to put this page up because
I just love my new tattoo!!!
I got my first tattoo, October 31, 2002
& just got my second tattoo January 2004.
My brother and sister both have tattoos..
so my bros picture will be on here...
and I got a picture of my bros friends tattoo...Jason.
Hope you enjoy my page!!!

-- My first tattoo on my lower back --
-- A tahitian honu with tribal --

-- My second tattoo on my left shoulder blade --
-- A butterfly with a black panther in it --

-- Williams Tattoo --
-- Polynesian Band on fore arm --

-- Williams Tattoo --
-- Chinese Dragon on calf --

-- Williams Tattoo --
-- Cross on chest --

-- Williams Tattoo --
-- Mano (shark) on back --

-- Williams Tattoo --
-- Flames sleve with skull band on right arm --

-- Jasons Tattoo --
-- Kanji surrounded by tribal sun --

I got my tattoos done at

Fairy image is Brian, Wendy, Toby Froud
Visit for more on this artist