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Send a Spirit Flower!

*+*+* THANK YOU MOM~!~ *+*+*

Send a Spirit Flower!

From Angel Chakeeta, my WOSIB sister!

Shout It Out with me!!!

On 09-03-2003 i won this...

for this Shout...

A Shout today,
For my TSF friends!
Wishing them good luck!
And my support i send!

I love to shout,
And support my team!
The Cherub Champions!
Whoms spirit does beam!

So shout with us,
And let it flow!
The Cherub champions,
Spirit is ready to go!

I won again on Tuesday...09-09-2003

Spreading the love,
I have come to shout!
We are the CCL
And thats what we are about!

We shout our love,
we shout our cheer,
we shout so loud,
because we wante every one to hear!

To catch this bug,
the spirit love bug!
We come to shout it out,
and send a hug!

To support to shout!
and show our spirit too!
We the CCL have come
to support you!

*+*+* Mahalo Nui Loa, Georgene! *+*+*

*+*+* Malhalo Nui Loa, Bonnie! *+*+*

+*+*+ I've got the SPIRIT AWARD for Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2003 +*+*+

...Some Comments...

"A wonderful 2 page display of Spirit in it's true form
full of the excitment of each accomplishment within TSF...
wonderful spirit that gives me the warm fuzzies!
Spirit TabbyCat"

Thank you D'Twinkle Purr

LOOKIE~!~ I made spirited fighter in October 2003

Fairy image is Brian, Wendy, Toby Froud
Visit for more on this artist