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Welcome to my pidgin language page.
Now here in Hawai’i our main language is English
But like anywhere else we have other languages too.
The locals favorite choice of speaking, around friends and family
is pidgin...broken English...
Now if I was to say all this in pidgin it would sound like this
but see, we all speak it a little differently...

Howzit, braddah...come cruise, check’um out...
Hea in Hawai’i nei, we speak um any kine way
get choke kine ways fo’ talk um.
Ho, da kine, ev’rywan talk la’dis.

Please don’t come to Hawai’i and use this language, just any where, any time
Some people, locals, take offense hearing... Haoles.. speak it...Mahalos!!

Pidgin *pronunciation (English) example

Les’ride... *less ride (Let’s Start...)

-An’den *ann den (What’s up / expression of boredom, sarcasm)
fo’reals... an’den...? *Are you serious? and...?

-Aznutz *as nahts (That's amazing)
fo’reals...aznutz *Are you serious? That's amazing!

-Bo da dem *Bow duh dem (Both of them)
who goin wichu? bo da dem... *who are you taking with you? Both of them.

-Brok Da Mout *br-oh-k duh ma-o-t (Broke the mouth... DELICIOUS)
Ho da saimin. Brok Da Mout *Wow, that ramen was delicious.

-Bodda You? *bah-da you (does it bother you?, sarcasm)
Eh, u get one puka in yo’ shorts? so, why, bodda you?
*You have a hole in your shorts. Does it bother you?

-Bumbai *bum bye (at a later time)
Eh’ wennu goin’ tek me stoa? Bumbai !
*Excuse me, when will you take me to the store? At a later Time!

-Choke ch-oh-k (a lot of)
Ho, I get choke kala! * Wow, I have a lot of money.

-Da Cute *duh cute (adorable)
ho yo’ bebe, da cute. * your child is very cute.

-Dirty Lick’ns Dirty Lickens (Spankings, or to get beaten up really bad, depending how long u hold the r in dirty tells how bad it was)
Ho, kaika wen’ honi Lei, and Pono wen’cachum. Kaika got dirrrrty Lick’ns. *Kaika kissed Lei and Pono saw. Kaika got beaten up bad.

-Fut (passing gas)
Ho, u’wen fut? NOT, i neva! * Excuse me, did you pas gas? NO, I did not.

-Geev’um *geev umm (Go for it)
eh, I skade jump off dis rock. No, need...Just geev’um. *I’m scared to jump off of this rock. Don’t be, just go for it.

- Grind (eat)
Whachu get fo’ grind? *What do you have to eat?

-Haole *ha-oh-lee (Foreigner, usually Caucasian)
Eh, whachu blood? I ste Hawaiian Haole...hapa. *what's your nationality? I'm Hawaiian and Caucasian...mix.

-HOWZIT? *how zit (how it is going?)
Howzit, brah? *how are you doing, friend?

-K’den *kay den (see you later)
Shoots, K’den * Alright, see you later

-Lua *lou-ah(restroom)
Ho, I gotta go LUA! *Wow, I have to go to the restroom

-Moke *moh-k (a big Hawaiian brother/male)
Ho, Pono, he’s one MOKE. *Wow, Pono is a really big Hawaiian guy.

-No’aak*no act (dont show off, usually followed with ah!)
Kaika, No’aak ah! *Kaika, dont show off.

-Ono *oh-no (delicious)
Ho, dat lobsta was Ono! *Wow, that lobster really was delicious

-Planny *plah-knee (a lot of)
You get kala? Planny, no worries! *Do you have money? Yes, I have a lot. Don't worry about it.

-Rubbah Slippahs *rah-bah slip-ahhs (flip flops)
Eh, who took my rubbah slippahs, goin get dirrrrty lick’ns. *Who ever took my flip flops are going to get beaten up.

-Stink Eye (dirty looks)
Aiyah, she wen’ geev me stink eye. *Woah, she just gave me a dirty look.

-Tita (a big Hawaiian Sister/Female)
Wha’chout fo’ Tita she one real TITA! *Watch out for Tita, she is a really big Hawaiian Girl.

-Wha’chu’like (What do you want?)
Eh, Wha’chu’like? one dallah? *What do you want? A dollar?


Da’Kine *da kine (Anything and everything, usually to describe something and cant think of the name)

Eh, you get da’kine? We goin’ toda da’kine. Ho, Tita wen’ da’kine with da’kine at da’kine, and you who was dea? Da’kine!

Excuse me, do you have a dollar? We are going to the beach.
Did you know Tita went to school with her new boyfriend, keola. And do you know who was there? Her ex-boyfriend Keoni.

**ha ha wha’chu was tinking?**