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Our second child, Wiliama (William). Being the middle child he surely had his hands full, especially because he is the only boy. From a sickly baby he has grown to be a strapping young man.

He has a daughter,Wailanionaonaokamailelauli'ili'i and she is an absolute doll. She, in keeping with tradition is very opinionated like the females of the family are. (Myself excluded of course.)Ha ha !

A great cook, and I'm not just saying that because I hate to cook and enjoy his meals. William is an avid fan of Emeril and many a times I have heard the infamous "bam" come out of my kitchen. My favorite spices are salt, pepper, and garlic salt. My son has a variety of spices that he works with. Wonderful on the taste buds. Wiliama or Willy boy as we affectionally call him, currently works in construction, following in the footsteps of his dad. A past state and national karate champion, Willy boy has traveled all over in competion at numerous karate tournaments. It was a grand time for us all.

Willy boy has also acquired a taste for tattoos. His first was a shark on his back and then he got a chinese dragon on his calf, next came a flame sleeve on his arm. He then added a polynesian band onto his forearm, finally he got two for one when he had a skull added to his flames and a blue cross on his chest. Hopefully he will take a break from anymore for a while. They are really nice looking tattoos and though I would never be able to brave what seems to be a painful process, I wouldn't mind one myself. Guess I should just stick to those realistic temporary ones instead.

Our son loves to sing !! He is also very talented when playing his ukulele.

Self taught he "jams" when ever he has the chance and has had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Most often very shy and withdrawn, he would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need.

William is a wonderful son. He works hard at his job, and comes home each night. Not one to hang out or party, he enjoys sitting at home with his family. Watching tv together or challenging us on the xbox. Most times though he can be found sitting outside on the swing playing his ukulele and relaxing. Or down at his grandfathers house, cruising and "talking stories". Homebody thats what he is, and thats the best place to be in this crazy world. Besides he is mommy's boy and I love just having him at home to harrass and or irritate. Either way, he knows its because I love him and its my job to do that !! *S*

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