Make your own free website on our oldest daughter "Kealapihaaloha", whose name means "fragrance full of love" and our wonderful son-in-law "Keola". Together they have two sons,

"Kealaka'imaiokeakua" (the one who will lead for God)

and "Kuha'apono'okeakua" (stand tall but humble in righteousness for God).
They had their third child in September, a beautiful little girl named Mikaela.

She is a joy, a blessing and a princess.

~ ~ K E A L A ~ ~
As the first child and the first girl born into the family 14 years after my sister, Keala was spoiled. Rotten! Oh yes we went thru the "girly,frilly" stages with her. But early on she proved her taste in clothing was far from ours. She would have none of that frilly stuff and most often wore her "boy" cousins jeans and t shirts. Keala was an outdoors kid, mud was her favorite pastime as well as her collection of bugs. She loved playing with the household geckos (mo'os in hawaiian) and it drove me crazy. I am so afraid of those things and to have to put on a brave front as a mom, was the hardest thing to do. I am still definetly afraid of the creatures ! Having her be unafraid was a blessing as everytime one would venture into the house , I would scream, she would come running, catch it, and take it outside. "They are God's Creatures mom, no need to be afraid".
In her jr high and high school years she joined (firmly by her dad) karate. She became a state and national champ in karate and fought well above her age limit. She received many trophies and awards during those years. But most of all she learned humility, respect, and how to walk away. Branded as a coward most times for walking away from situations by her peers, she always walked away the bigger person. If only they knew, with her training, how lethal she was and still is.
Keala was a cheerleader during her high school years as well. She really missed it when she graduated so much that during homecoming the following years, she went as an alumni, in uniform and cheered along with her sister and the other girls. She is an artist and loves to draw and paint. She sold some of her work at the local public library. She also self taught herself the guitar, and when she finds some free time, enjoys composing songs.
We also went through the pageant year when she entered the preliminaries for Miss Hawai'i. It was stressful but alot of fun and she met many great girls. She got 4th place which was a surprising shock as we didn't think she would get that far. It was her first time in any kind of pageantry, and we were oh so proud. She got her fill of it and then moved on. Through the girl scout years she grew. Keala loved and still loves nature very much. Her greatest love though is the ocean. From a month old she was taken to the ocean daily. By 5 she was diving (snorkeling) with her dad and enjoying the wonders under sea. She speared fish, picked limpets off the rocks, and seaweed. Keala ate everything she caught, and fed us as well.
Keala is also a surfer as well. She loves longboarding and does great. At this time she is in the process of teaching her 5 year old the wonders of surfing. He like his mother is a water rat, and is having a blast learning.
Keala has worked for the same large homebuilder firm here for the past 5 years and also holds her realtor's license. She loves her job and the environment that she is in. She has come a long way from that little not so frilly, muddy faced, bug loving kid. And she has surely grown to be the wonderful daughter she always was and is, a great wife and caring mother. Her accomplishments, as well as down falls through the years have made her such a wonderful person. Eager to learn, to do, to expand. My she has grown, and I have nothing but admiration, love, respect, and pride for my daughter.

~ ~ K E O L A ~ ~
Keola was a high school peer of Keala's. Though she doesn't remember much about him during the school years. Isn't that normally how it happens? In fact it wasn't till they were both already out of high school before the actually met. So funny. Keola was a "jock". He loved his sports during high school and still loves it to this day. Any opportunity he can find to go play hoops, he jumps at. Though he can't move as quickly as he did during high school, or jump as high as before, hahah, you can't stop him from trying.
Keola became a "daddy" when he met Keala. He fell in love with our Kealaka'i and took to him as his own blood. In Keola's eyes and heart, he truly is Ka'is daddy. He is such a great boy / man, He has taken on responsibilities that many a man shun from. He fell in love with my daughter, with her son, and I think with us too. Its a joke kids!
Keola is in the guard and was deployed in Iraq for a year, he returned home to us in March of '05 and we are so grateful and thankful he is home. We were and still are so proud of him. Though his duties had taken him far from home and his loved ones, and he has arrived back home safely, we pray for all those that are still there and serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. .

The kids are working hard at making their home just that. A home filled with love and happiness. Now with Ola home, the little projects that were left to the side, are slowly coming together, and theres still home for that just kidding kids!