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Our Baby, Kauluoa. It wasn't so long ago that we brought home this scrawny, mousie baby home from the hospital. Thus her nickname "mousie". Kauluoa is most certainly far from mousie now days. A well rounded young lady she knows what she wants, where to get it, and how to go about doing so. From the select choir in her elementary school years, to her Girl scout period to her whole high school cheerleading campaign, Kauluoa has done nothing but move forward and upward. A high achiever in everything she undertakes, Kauluoa is spectacular. Single and career motivated, Kauluoa has 2 babies,

her first is "Waimea" a tempermental miniature doberman pincher / fox terrier.

Then there is "Kaimana" a blue nosed pit bull. Drives me crazy, they are house dogs, and oh my gosh, talk about tearing things apart. Naughty, but not when Kauluoa is home. They actually acquire halo's whenever she is home.

As I mentioned before Kauluoa was one of those die hard cheerleaders. She was a flyer for her squad as well as captain. Flyer is funny because she is also afraid of heights. They sure did some awesome stunts and she was great. I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom, but she actually was great ! Like her brother and sister, she was gently pursuaded to join karate. How well I remember getting kicked out of the ring when she was competing for yelling so much. She was awesome then, and it too taught her the values that it was meant to teach each of the kids. Walk away from confrontation, but have the knowledge to use what they were trained if the situation was one that could not be walked away from. Kauluoa was also on her high schools tennis team and the best yet was when she joined the wrestling team. She was an awesome wrestler and made her dad proud as he still holds the wrestiling championship record for his school. Quite an achievement.

Kauluoa has been working now with one of Hawai'is local airlines for just about 2 years. As much stress as she says she gets at work with bitter, tired and not so understanding customers. She loves it!! I on the other had have a hard time grasping the things she tells me when she gets home. Its amazing the abuse that these employees have to put up with from customers. From cursing to threats, they need to smile and take it all with a grain of salt and belive me....its a shocker that Kauluoa has lasted this long in that job with her temperment. *SMILE*

A source of joy to all that meet her, shes just herself and has always been. Not one to follow anyone else, she set forth her goals and stuck to them. Shes a great daughter that keeps us all on our toes and the most wonderful and loving Aunt there ever could be. Visit Kauluoa's website here, just click on the button below .....

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