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I was born and raised here in Hawai'i. My younger years were spent in Honolulu where I went to Maemae elementary school. We moved to the North Shore the summer after sixth grade where I went to Waialua High and Intermediate. Growing up was simple, we used our imaginations and played outside. Something a lot of kids now days hardly do. My weekends as a child were spent on the North Shore, where my grandfather originated from. I would come to the country with him and learned how to fish, sew fishing nets, crab, and pretty much spent my time on the beach...learning from grampa. After moving here, I spent much of my high school years going to school, and coming home to help care for my sister that was ill. I never got to do school events because since both parents worked, I was next in line to help care for the younger kids. I also took care of and raised my nephew, since my sister, his mother, was dying with cancer. She passed away when he was 2. I did however, have an opportunity to enter in a scholarship pageant where I won the title and a scholarship. I also attended a prom, it was not mine but my boyfriends at that time. I also started racing motorcycles at that time. My older brother was a moto cross racer, but passed away 2 months short of his graduation. They noted it as an accident, but those of us there know, the guy that hit him was flying high on drugs and was able to walk away, my brother was only 17. He was unconcious, and never woke up. Well I started racing not too long after that. There were only about 4 of us back then, but we sure did have fun. Its one of my favorite memories. After high school I traveled around the mainland and found a love and passion for Oregon. I stayed with family while there and learned so many new and different things. I lived between Hawaii and Oregon, spending 3 months here, then there, then here. That is until I met Billy...


Billy was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Hawaii with his family when he was nine. He was raised on the North Shore and went to Kahuku Elementary-High School where he graduated. He spent most of his years playing school sports and working trimming coconut trees and picking pineapples. There weren't too many haole boys back then in Kahuku. He was a high school wrestler and was state champion in his weight division, from what I hear, his name is still in the trophy case at the school. He was also quite the radical from the stories that were told. He loved to surf but really had no time since he needed to work for the money to feed his sports. He often golfed with his dad and then he found his calling in karate. He began training diligently and became State champion in sparring. He opened up his own Karate Dojo's and taught classes twice a week, and trained twice a week himself. He may have been a sensei but he was forever a student. His day hours were spent in construction, with the big building boom of the seventies, he decided to become a carpenter. Then he met me....


Here we are 27 years, 3 children and 4 grandchildren later. Nothing has changed but gravity, and hair color and even temperment. The love, the laughter, the memories are still as fresh as the day we met. Thru the ups, downs, ins and outs, we pursued and have come to realize that being married that long now days, puts us in the minority bracket. I love it, and look forward to another 27 years !

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