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YES!! Thats what my little brother is known as. To us sisters though he is known as BOOBOO...but thats another story.

Yes he's my little brother, but like my baby sister, they both tower over me. Unfortunately I was built closer to the city sidewalks. I have no picture that I can put up at this time because my computer with ALL the pictures in it got tempermental on me. Then silly old me, I can't find my disk for my scanner, go figure haha ! Austin was nicknamed bones because he is tall and very skinny. All skin and bones thats him. I think the last time I actually saw him chubby was in pictures when he was a baby. He loves his sports and coached high school girls softball, as well as played in community ball leagues. An avid bowler, he got us sisters out there with our husbands and joined a league with him. Always a teacher, we sure learned a lot about bowling, but never figured out how to use what we learned. We sure weren't a winning team, but we had spirit, we had fun, and we had Austin who would run up and down the alley whenever he bowled a strike.

Like all families, we have our differences. We get tested a lot by each other from childhood and right thru to adulthood. Our family is no different. But regardless the ups and downs, the ins and outs, we all stand true to each other. Family is family, and when there is one in need, we are all there for each other. I love my baby brother very much. He is such a spoiled brat even at 38.

* * Keli'iponomaikalani * *

My brother has an adorable son. We didn't see him for a few years except for a few visits here and there because he was living on the mainland with his mom and step family. He is back home here in Hawai'i now and every chance the ohana can get to spend time with him, we do. He loves his sports just like his father and plays soccer and baseball. Built much like his father as well.