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~ * ~ THAT'S MY SISTER ~ * ~

She's the best there is. The absolute best. And I appreciate everything about her: her beautiful spirit, and the way she brings so many smiles my way.
There will never be a day in my life when I will not love her, be thankful for her, admire her, and simply think about her with a happiness deep inside me.
She's someone who means more to me than she'll ever know. That's my sister. And what a wonderful sister she is.

Theres not much to say about my "baby" sister, other than she is the true meaning of the word "love". Always with a kind gesture or word, Tymmie is the most giving person ever imaginable. She is always there if you need her, sometimes even when you don't need her...hahaha ! Her heart is open to everyone and puts herself behind all others. She is a wonderful housewife and mother that lately has been shuttling the kids to all their different activities. Its no wonder she has a van as she not only has her own to taxi around, but always ends up with a few "extras". Never denying us that live in the country, my lil sissy makes it a point to spend time with myself and my ohana, as well as with our dad. God truly blessed us with Tymmie Girl. More than many of us have yet to realize. I love you sissy!!

~ * ~ Tymmie and Kordell ~ * ~

Sissy with her husband, known to most now days as Kahu Kekoa. As Chaplain of Kamehameha Schools Kapalama Campus, Kory is one very busy man. Performing just about every service available to man in the name of God, he has seen many events in his past 5 years. A great father as well as uncle to my kids, Kory has come a long way. A touching service he recently perfomed was for my grandsons pet rabbit. He was so distraught and approached his Uncle Kordell and asked him, " Uncle can you come to my house and pray for my rabbit soup bone?". Kordell looked at him and said, "yes, I will go with you and we will bury soup bone and pray." And we did, and it was a most touching service for a rabbit that I have ever seen. *SMILE* Needless to say, my grandson was pleased that soup bone was ok and in heaven. I'll never forget that, thank you so much for that Kordell. Love you !

~ * ~ The Ohana ~ * ~

Such a beautiful ohana, and I love each and everyone one of them so very much. All so special in their own ways...look below at my absolutely adorable nieces and "killer" nephew!

~ * ~ The Keiki's ~ * ~

....hope you like this you guys....I just love you all so much.

You are the one I can call anytime, day or night, and you'll be there for me.
You are the one who understands where I've been, where I am, where I'm going.
You are the one who's laughed with me, cried with me, and always, always, stood by me.
You are my dear and loving very precious friend.
(by: Renee Duvall)